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Invest Odisha

Welcome to IPICOL Odisha

Odisha is one of the States of India. It is located between the parallels of 17027'N and 22034'N latitudes and meridians of 81027'E and 87029'E longitudes. It is bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the east; West Bengal and Jharkhand on the north; Chattisgarh on the west and Andhra Pradesh on the south. It has a coast line of about 480 kms. It extends over an area of 155,707 square kms accounting about 4.74% of the total area of India. According to the 2001 census, it has a total population of 36,706,920 (3.57 percent of the total population of India), out of which about 18,612,340 are male and 18,094,580 are female. Administratively, it has 30 districts, 3 Revenue Divisions, 58 Sub-Divisions, 51,061 villages and 127 Urban Centres.


Morphological regions :

On the basis of homogeneity, continuity and physiographical characteristics, Odisha has been divided into five major morphological regions : the Odisha Coastal Plain in the east, the Middle Mountainous and Highlands Region, the Central plateaus, the western rolling upholds and the major flood plains.


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