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Investor Services

At IPICOL, investors are our main priority and we strive to meet all their needs.

For investors looking for potential areas to setup new industrial ventures, we have put together a comprehensive list of investment opportunities.

Investment opportunities

Setting up a new industrial venture entails dealing with a number of organizations and following set procedures. The main steps that have to be followed have been presented here.






Company incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

Registrar of Companies

In case of public limited companies, certificate of commencement of business is also required


i) (a) Privately held

Mutation / Conversion

District Authority (Collector)

Permission of Collector required before registration of sale deed

(b) Govt. vested


District Authority (Collector)

Land can be transferred only on lease

Certain Central Govt. approvals


Acknowledgement / Registration/ Licenses etc.


Industrial license is required only for scheduled industries as per the Industries Dev. & Regulation Act. IEM will suffice

Composite application for Foreign financial / technical collaborations and industrial license.

b) Excise

Registration Certificate

Superintendent of Excise

Application to be made prior to commencement of production.

c) Import / Export procedures    DGFT


DGFT / Customs / RBI

DGFT –Import Export number and various import licences. Customs-Levy of import duties

For tourism units


Director of Tourism

Registration to be renewed on expiry of validity period

For SSI Units

SSI Registration

District Industries Centre

i) Prov. Registration is given before starting the Unit.

ii) Permanent Regn. Is given after starting production

Primary Eligibility Certificate for Incentives

Eligibility Certificate

IPICOL for Large and medium industries and D.I. for SSI

Sales Tax Clearances

Provisional Certificate

Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, ODISHA

Provisional certificate – prior to commencement of production required to be renewed periodically.

Sales tax registration & Eligibility Certificate – after commencement of sale.

Sales Tax Registration

Eligibility Certificate for Sales Tax Benefits under Incentive Scheme for new units and units undertaking substantial expansion, Way-bill etc.

Pollution Control

NCC for Establishment


Prior to commencement of work at site.

Consent to operate


Prior to commissioning of the plant. To be renewed periodically.

Environment clearance where required

MOEF, GOI Dept. of Forest & Environment Govt. of ODISHA

Prior to commencement of work at site. As per MOE & F Notification dated 27.1.94 (as amended on 4.5.1994). Environment clearance is required from the central Govt. for the projects listed in Schedule I of the above notification

a) Power Supply

Application, Inspection by supplying agency, Quotation for power supply, payment of service connection charge, way leave licence execution of agreement, deposit of security charges, issue of work order, certification of completion of work.


Composite application form for supply of construction and bulk power. Power supply to be effected by agency within whose command area the unit is located and its connected load.

b) Installation of DG Set


As above

Permission for stand by/ captive DG Set.

Approval of factory layout


Chief Inspector of Factories/ Local Body

Prior to commencement of work at site.

Registration under Factories Act 1948.

Chief Inspector of Factories

15 days before commencement of production. Licensec to be renewed annually.

Some Industry Specific Approvals

a) Plastic units, Rubber, LPG, Kerosene, Petrol Storage etc.

Fire License

Directorate of Fire Services/ DM

Prior to commencement of construction at site.

b) Storage and Manufacture of LPG, POL, and Explosive Materials.


Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur (CCOE)

Explosive materials are specifies are specified by CCOE, Nagpur

c) Units using Boilers


Directorate of Boilers

Running certificate to be obtained prior to boiler operation.

d) Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics etc.

Drug License

Office of Drug Controller

Required before starting the venture

e) Industrial/ Potable Alcohol


Excise Commissioner, Govt. of ODISHA

Required prior to commencement of work at site

f) Cold Storage


Competent local authority

Required prior to commencement of work at site

g) Manufacture, handling, storage and input of hazardous chemicals/ wastes

Notification/ authorisation

OSPCB / Chief Inspector of Factories

Categories of hazardous wastes and their regulatory quantities are specified in the schedule annexed to Hazardous Wastes (management and handling) Rules 1989.


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